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Work Hours
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Weekend: 10AM - 5PM


For Compliance and Safety


  1. All goods were personally packed by me until the box was sealed.
  2. I declared that all of the items I sent are for personal use and no commercial items are included.
  3. I am responsible for all breakables. (Liquids like cooking oil, fabric conditioners,juices, over 700ml are not allowed) and I am personally PACKED AT MY OWN RISK.
  4. I have declared that my consignment has no prohibited drugs, firearms or hazardous liquids like paint,butane,muriatic acid,fire extinguisher.
  5. If the Balikbayan Boxes received by the consignees and they noticed has tampered.You file a claim and complain within 2 days by email
  6. I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct.


Liquids With at Least a Capacity of 1 Litre

Flammable Items

Mag Wheels and Tyres

Dismantled Motorbikes and Dismantled Engines

Deadly Weapons and Airsoft Guns

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